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Power---Stretching carpets 1st= Better Cleaning longer life for your carpets 3 year warranty on all work

Our specialties are carpet repair, re-stretching, pet damage, water damage and restoration

Welcome to Carpet repair by Jonah, I am a 2nd generation flooring installer with 20 + years experience in the flooring industry. We specialize in carpet repair of all kinds´┐Ż commercial and residential. We do a total room carpet re stretching with the power stretcher only being used as required by the industry standards. Being in the industry more than 20 years I have learned the importance of doing the job right the 1st time. To ensure my customers know the work is done right I give a 3 year warranty on all work. We enjoy what we do! Always leaving a home better than when we came. All work done is in a timely manner by a professional craftsman with no loud radio and no surprises. We have the most respect for your home and time.

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Got an eye sore in your room?

Are your carpets looking worn old? Are you tripping over buckled, wavy, wrinkled carpets that has been damaged by pet, bleach, burns? Think its time to get new carpet? Honestly, maybe not. Though many people do, or they just live with the eye sore not realizing there is a one time permanent fix. It is not necessary to pay for the purchase of new carpet when your existing carpets can be repaired at a fraction of the price. The unsightly eye sore in your room can be removed. Whether this appears in your home or place of business, wrinkled carpets can create a tripping hazard and damaged carpets only get worse. Repairing and retretching your carpets will give your rooms a face lift as well as ensure the safety of you and your guest. Prolonging the life of you carpets saves you hundreds of dollars. Not needing to replace them now, simply enjoying your flooring and your savings. With out the obvious eye sore that you and your guest see when walking into your home year after year.

What is the most common cause for an increase in wear and buckling carpets?

The most common reason for buckling carpets is improper carpet installation. Most carpet installers are not paid to use a power stretcher because of the added time. The (CRI) Carpet and Rug Institutes Installation guide line CRI 104&105 and major carpet manufactory require all carpets to be power stretch. Many carpet manufactories will void their own warranty if this is not done. Most carpet dealers only request it to be knee kicked in. Given the customer 1 year warranty, knowing within 18 months when you call they will be stating your warranty has expired. The ripple only produces faster wear sending you to replace your carpets sooner. The #1 common cause for wrinkles and buckles is poor installation because a power strecther was not used by installer.

Why today many new homes are carpeted with white or cream colored carpets?
May be not just for the easy matching of decor:

The carpet industry certainly realizes in 7 years the need for replacement of hard to keep clean and improper installed carpets. Hiring an underpaid installer to knee kick it in, will only later buckle. The salesman is trained to tell the customers the newer lighter color carpets are easier to clean. But not explaining it thoroughly requires more care; greater up keep is required by the entire family. Failing to do so will press the need for replacement of carpets sooner. Often well maintained cream carpet depends on how well the lady of the house has trained her husband, children, pets and guests. This is a huge and on going problem in the flooring industry, the missed information. That will only lead to sooner replacement of carpet; which is a problem for the consumers, not the industry. When you are informed of the problems then you can ask for and demand better service. Yes it should cost a little more for proper installation; however, it is well worth it when done by a professional. As is the right color carpets are key to the long life and less maintenence of your carpets.

Repairs That We Do

Burn hole Re-tacking Thresholds Carpet-to-tile Candle wax
Berber snags Bleach marks Dye stain marks Re-seam Pet damage
Iron burns Padding upgrade Flood restoration Squeaky floors Pet urine damage
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