Carpet Repair

Most carpet repairs requires some extra carpet of the same carpet. If you have no extra carpet we only take what is needed from the smallest closet. Replacing the closet with a close match. All repairs requiring a transplant of carpet will be done to ensure that regular vacuum and carpet cleaning will not affect repair. All work recieves 3 year labor warranty. Remember getting the best result from a carpet repair requires a Repair Specialist. He will always save you hundreds compared to the cost of having to replace your carpets.

Water Damage and Carpet Restoration

Carpets are designed to get wet. So they often are not damaged by water. Removing the wet padding will increase drying time. Fans, opening doors, windows and a humidifier will remove all the moisture. The most important process after drying is the re installation of carpets properly. It will determine the overall job�s look and continuing wear. Once properly power re stretched in, then the cleaning process will begin. A tighter carpet always cleans better regardless of the cleaning process. With out using a professional to re install carpet properly will affect the future of your carpets appeal. Done right you won�t be shopping for new carpet a few months later or tripping over buckles and visible seams.

Pet Odor Removal

The best way to remove tough pet smell is that you must replace the padding in the soiled area. Most animals will urinate in the same area, repeatedly. The padding acts as a sponge. Replacing the soiled padding allows for a successful carpet cleaning, the smells are gone and you can reclaim your home. This will help keep your pet from returning to familiar smells sealed in the padding.



Pet Damage
Bleach Stain
Burn Hole
Paint Spill
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