8 ways to save $$$ on carpets old and new

  1. Installing a 4x4 vinyl, wood or tile at the main entrance of home will keep your carpets cleaner by encouraging the wiping of feet.

  2. Remember darker colors, longer life, less family participation to keep clean. Lighter colors need more family participation with more care to have a longer life. The look and long life of your carpets have more to do with the color you choose than its thickness, fibers and style.

  3. The better the padding will prolong comfort and life of carpet even when buying the most affordable carpets will look, feel and last longer with better padding. Rebound padding is my 1st choice best on ware and water damage design to survive over wetted carpet because of poor carpet cleaning. Desgined to last 10+ years when other padding wears thin in 3 years.

  4. Always demand a power stretcher on all installations. This will ensure you will not have any buckling problems during the life of your carpet.

  5. A carpet that is properly stretched w always cleans better which lessens how often the need for continue cleaning. Tighter carpets vacuum better which is key for over all better cleaning longer life of any carpet is the constant vacuuming weekly.

  6. The cost of your carpets to be properly installed or restretched should be a one time expense when a power stretcher is used by a professional. This cost is far less over the life of your carpets and most important to ensure a good, clean, and long life of your carpets. Always have repair work done before any cleaning. To delay only hastens the wear of your carpet.

  7. Do not allow inexperienced people to attempt repairs. They will often force the need for new carpets after poor repairs.

  8. Like any service look to the specialist for the best job done right the 1st time. This will save you money everytime. Carpets are a visible investment into your home and comforts for the family don't lessen the important value by calling just anyone.


    Thank you for considering Carpets by Jonah we hope the information was helpful in making you a wiser consumer and saving $$$.

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